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We are about fair ownership to farmers and transparency to consumers. Let’s together build new brands that truthfully operates under these three rules

100% Transparency

Everyone should be able to easily understand true stories behind how the food got from farm to their doorstep

Safe & Sustainable

Source raw materials from sources that are safe for the people and sustainable for the environment.

Key Mission

Farmers Co-Owned

Farmers deserve a better life and hence deserve a share of ownership from the brands to best cope with market climate.

Pilot Campaign

As our first step towards achieving our dream, we will be running a campaign on Chocolate. Nicknamed as blockchain chocolate revolution, this campaign is about launching a farmer cooperative owned chocolate brand in Europe.

The whole supply chain of this brand is made transparent by using blockchain. Scan the QR code on its label and it will tell you everything about its life right from cocoa beans to chocolate bars.

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How it works

The three stages of building 100% transparent and trustworthy food brands that are co-owned by farmers

  • 1. Blockchain Integration

    Integrity in the first mile best defines integrity of the whole supply chain. Our core focus at this stage will be to integrate blockchain into the brand’s supply chain starting right at the individual farmer’s level. This will ensure that there are no fake paper trails and hence no fake stories about the origin of the product.

    The transactions of commodities that flows from farmers till consumers and also the transactions of cash that flows from consumers till farmers are logged into blockchain and is made available to the public.

  • 2. Brands From Joint Ventures

    The Right Origins foundation will coordinate joint ventures with farmer cooperatives where a group of people can invest in farmer cooperatives to launch their own branded products in European markets. After the sales, 80% of profits go back to farmer cooperatives, 15% to the investors and 5% will remain in the foundation.

    Farmer cooperatives can use these profits to build better infrastructure near to their farms, produce value-added products and generate better living incomes.

  • 3. Marketplace & Beyond

    This is where we scale up the platform. Right after our pilot project with chocolates, we will set up multiple joint ventures with multiple farmer cooperatives and products and create a marketplace of these brands.

    Hence in few years time, we will become a marketplace of brands that consumers can trust. Brands that will help farmers to fight poverty and live better lives

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